Our story: A dream come true


It is a way of living, of feeling nature. To breathe pure air, to sleep listening to the sea, to hear the birds, the crickets, the owls and the leaves on the trees.

To wake up and contemplate the intense and living green. To be at peace with nature is to be at peace with oneself and with others. To live in nature is to feel alive and to feel that others are alive. It is to stop in time and enjoy. It is a beautiful but difficult project. We invite you to achieve it with us.

quienes somos fotos maria 1

By chance, a disconcerting opportunity presented itself; lo leave Madrid, my born city, the city of my family and the place where I had ever lived. And where to go? To the green and sea.

quienes somos fotos maria

Las Cinco Calderas: The illusion with which we wake up every morning

I thought how beautiful. I stopped my life in its tracks and didn’t think about it. Something attracted me so strongly that I didn’t need to think. It was the heart. And adventure is adventure. There are hard moments. Maybe the project is too big for me? It’s so big, it’s “the Project”, it’s my life. I get up again, and with more desire. Every time I look around me, I feel like crying with emotion. And this happens almost every day.

Thanks to all of you who are sharing a little piece of this dream.