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Discover one of the few rural hotels in Cantabria with horses

Las Cinco Calderas is one of the few Rural Hotels with Horse Riding, so that guests can enjoy activities, games, classes or horse routes among many other options. No matter your level or experience, If you love horses or they give you respect, If you ever rode or it is the first time. We have horses and professionals who will adapt to any circumstance.

Can you imagine going for a ride on the beach of Galizano at dusk? Can you imagine your children learning to ride horses while you rest in the hotel?


Baptism equestrian: For the little ones – 8 € (20 mins)

Horse riding: Beginning, rides and ponygames, – 12 € (40 mins)

Equestrian experience: Initiation to the horse riding, equine therapy, routes by field and beach – 15 € (1 hour)

Night route by the beach of Galizano – 25 € (2 hours)


Have fun in touch with nature


Whether it is your first contact with the horses, whether you have ridden before and you have experience, our riding lessons will enchant you. This activity has no age limit, they can do it from children of 5 years to adults of any age, or minimum level. We will adapt the class to your needs so that you have fun and enjoy the direct contact with these wonderful animals in facilities fully equipped and prepared to make your experience unique.

casona en cantabria hotel rural con caballos
caballos clases de equitacion las cinco calderas
clases de equitacion a caballo las cinco calderas
clases de equitacion las cinco calderas
rutas a caballo en cantabria casona las cinco calderas 3 hot4l


We are lucky to find ourselves in a unique environment to make horseback riding unforgettable. Imagine walking through the green of the meadows that surround our town or the beach of Galizano. A unique experience to be in contact with nature, horses and enjoy a natural environment that you will love.

Choose the type of trip that you would like to do and we will take care of everything so that your trip with family, with friends or in couple be unique.

rutas a caballo en cantabria casona las cinco calderas 4
hotel rutas a caballo en cantabria casona las cinco calderas
rutas a caballo en cantabria casona las cinco calderas


This discipline is a combination of equestrian, sport and contact with the animals that you will love. With this experience, while having fun with games and exercises, you can improve the direct contact with horses, be in tune, increase confidence and improve the ride.

ivolteo disciplina gimnastica 3
ivolteo disciplina gimnastica 2
ivolteo disciplina gimnastica
casona con caballos hotel en cantabroa
hotel con caballos en cantabria formacion ecuestre y terapeuritca


 Improve balance and motor coordination; increases the capacity of attention and concentration; broad values such as respect; The responsability; the sacrifice; constancy and love for animals as well as increasing self-esteem and confidence on the horse. A perfect way to be in contact with animals and take advantage of everything that horses can bring us from all points of view.

casona formacion ecuestre y terapeuritca
formacion ecuestre y terapeuritca calderas
formacion ecuestre y terapeuritca
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