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We present you 7 routes through Cantabria to enjoy rural tourism

We want you to discover Cantabria, enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most charming houses in Cantabria and visit some of the most beautiful places in Cantabria. That’s why we propose this complete guide of activities and routes divided into 7 “stages” to choose the one what you like most.

When planning your short break in Cantabria, we also recommend you to visit ITM, the agenda of Cantabria so you do not miss the highlights events. Visit this guide by clicking here.

They all have our recommendations of places to visit and eat so you do not have to waste time in searching and you focus in enjoy.


santillana turismo en cantabria con niños


Santillana del Mar: Visit to the Neo Cueva de Altamira (from the hotel we can provide tickets or book at, tel. 942818815) and stroll through the medieval village (la Collegiate, mansions and palaces, Torres de Merino and Don Borja …). You can eat very well in El Gran Duque (Tel. 942840386) or in “El Sitio del Valle” (Oreña, very near Santillana, Tel. 942716204)

San Vicente de la Barquera; A walk through the seafaring village par excellence (beaches, estuary, old town with church, castles and remains of wall …). For meals there is a varied offer, for example in Augusto restaurant (Caldereta of rice with lobster). The Ostrería (San Vicente, tel 942712564, marinera cuisine with wonderful views, in terrace or in the dining room that gives to the terrace, according to the climate).

Natural Park of Oyambre: A walk before or after eating (estuaries, marshes, beaches, dunes and meadows), you can eat in Jerruca Restaurant (in Jerra, past Oyambre), fantastic fish, seafood and views (Tel. 942710212)

Cuevas del Soplao (reservation: tel: 902820282 and on-line: To eat in Celis:

CASA JANDRO – 942 727690 –

Restaurant La Portilla +34 942 727 521.

BAR CASA GLORIA Location: Camijanes Telephone: 942 727 429

Afternoon in the aristocratic village of Comillas (Village, Sobrellano Palace, Pontifical University, Capricho de Gaudí) Dinner at Comillas in El Gurea (Tel. 942722446) or  in the village square, or back in La Trainera (Pedreña , barbecue-kitchen with terrace Tel: 942500007)

turismo rural con niños


Tourism by car in the reserve until the Port of Palombera (Ucieda, Ruente, Cieza and the Llares). Possibility to enter the reservation by hiring a guided tour of “Fotonatur” (Tel.607769130 / 600581825. 3hs .: 21 € per person) prior availability of authorized vehicle (fully recommended) that could be in the morning or in the afternoon.

Eat in Los Tojos (“La Bolera”, Tel. 942706035: homemade cuisine, cooked stew from mountain)

Other options: Casa Fito in Ucieda-942709015, or Casa Lucas in Correpoco-942706092). If you want to eat something different and special, La Braña in Carrejo, next to Cabezón de la Sal (942700566). Restaurants in Bárcena Mayor: El Puente (942741200) and Río Argoza (942706033)

A walk through Bárcena Mayor, medieval village rehabilitated and declared historical artistic set, until “Llano Castrillo”

Return by Cos, Mazcuerras and Virgen de la Peña

Dinner back in El Galeón de Somo (fish and seafood, with terrace, Tel. 942510214)

turismo con ninos en ñiebana


Liébana and Picos de Europa (Tourism Office Potes: 942733020)

Fuente Dé, climb on the cable car and see the majestic Cantabrian mountain range (as long as the day is clear) from the Cable Lookout, almost 2000 meters above sea level.

Route through the National Park of the Picos de Europa, with peaks higher than 2,600 meters of altitude that are only 25 kilometers from the sea.

Lunch at the Parador de Fuente Dé (traditional cuisine), at Posada Peñas Arriba (Lon) at El Oso or El Urogallo-942733077 (Cosgaya) or at Potes (Casa Cayo-942730150, El Fogón de Kus, Paco Wences), Casa Fofi or Mesón Los Llanos (between Camaleño and Cosgaya, towards Fuente Dé).

Potes, visit of the town and walk

turismo en cantabria con niños santander bahi


Take the boat from Pedreña to Santander across the bay (in summer you can enjoy a guided route by the bay, approximately 1 hour long)

Visit of Monumental Santander, Magdalena Palace, Puerto Chico, Palace of Festivals and Oceanographic Museum, El Sardinero.

Food in the Spa of the Magdalena in the Magdalena beach facing the sea (traditional cuisine: 942032107/08), in the Spa de La Concha (942290919/20) or in the Rhine, both of excellent location in the Sardinero Beach; or very special in De Luz (942290606)

A walk on the Sardinero

Dinner back in the Tronki or the Ezquerra (Pedreña, grill with terrace, sardines)

Or dinner in Santander (involves having a car, since the last boat back is at 20.30 in winter and 21.30 in summer): The Machichaco (Taberna marinera, c / Calderón de la Barca, next to the Hotel Bahia). El Riojano (traditional tavern in the Rio de la Pila). Los Raqueros (c / Bonifaz / Puerto Chico). El Serval (New kitchen, 1 * Michelin Guide, Puerto Chico-942222515). La Mulata (fish and seafood, Puerto Chico). The Posada del Mar (fish and seafood). El Marucho (seafood tavern, very good value for money, small port). La Bombi (Traditional cuisine, also in Puerto Chico). Ka Cúpula del Rhine in Sardinero (Avda. Reina Victoria, 153. Tel-942274300). The Fishing Quarter (traditional fish / seafood cuisine)

Another option is a tapas route from the Rio de la Pila, passing through Cañadío (El Diluvio, La Conveniente, the Rampalay, Las hijas de Florencio …) to Puerto Chico.

turismo en cantabria con niños lierganes


Nature Park of Cabárceno, part of the protected area of Peña Cabarga, spectacular geological landscape of Karst enabled as a wildlife reserve. You can eat inside the Park in the Osos restaurant, picnic, in La Casuca (Obregón -942564472) or in the town of Cabárceno at the foot of the exit of the elephants (Los Renos – 942554240, Peña Cabarga – 942554072, Los Elefantes – 942554287)

Self-tourism by Pámanes (Museum of the Palace of Elsedo), Esles, Llerana, Villacarriedo (Palace of Soñanes), Selaya (Palace of Donadío, factory of “sobaos and quesadas” El Macho …), Vega de Pas

Food in El Español-942590393 (typical cuisine, Selaya), in El Horno, also in Selaya, El Fogón or Pools in Villacarriedo (stew mountain, Tel. 942590214). In San Roque de Rio Miera: La Vieja Escuela Restaurant (from € 25 / person Tel 942749121. Stew from mountain, lamb, goat …)

Trout fishing in the Saro fish farm (942 593 155) and Jazmín restaurant in Santibáñez de Villacarriedo (942593400, 942593406)

Return by Valvanuz, San Roque de Rio Miera, La Cárcoba and Liérganes (declared town of artistic historical interest where it is typical to walk at sunset and take chocolat with churros in El Hombre Pez, El Español, La Giraldilla …)

Dinner and return in the restaurant Cenador de Amós in Villaverde de Pontones (cuisine author, 2 Michelin stars) or El Pajar de Somavilla in carriazo (traditional cuisine with special touch and rustic: 942505189).

noja turismo en cantabria con niños


Castro Urdiales, one of the Four Villas of the Coast of the Sea: visit by the old town and monumental heritage; food in the Marinero (seafood cuisine)

Laredo: walk through the old town, declared historic artistic set.

Santoña: marshes, beaches, Mount Buciero, purchase of the famous anchovies and ventresca and dinner on the Paseo Marítimo (traditional restaurants such as La Gaviota on the pier, with terrace) or in the center: La Bodeguilla, El Jauja , Salt and Pepper Sugar (Special, charming and good value for money; Plaza de la VILLA, 942680858); El Paso (market kitchen); As De Guía (942680808), Hotel Juan de la Cosa on the beach of Berria (942661238, fantastic views) or already on the way to the hotel in the Hosteria de Arnuero (author’s kitchen, Tel. 942677121) or Solievo, in the garden if time permits (kitchen garden and seasonal, Soano-942631038).

Noja: spectacular coast and beaches. You can eat the restaurant MIRO at the foot of Ris beach, in SAMBAL (Bº El Arenal – 942631531 – new kitchen). Mijedo (Playa de Tregandín), Pata Palo (seafood) and take the coffee in La Cabaña (very chill-out) or in La Posada.



Route of the caves: The Cullalvera (Ramales de la Victoria, Tel.902999222,, rest of caves (Red of Caves of the Alto Asón, tel 610916066/942646504,

Limpias (Museum of Navigation) Ampuero, Sanctuary of La Aparecida, Rasines (square bullring), Ramales de la Victoria (popular architecture and one of the most important cavities of the world, to visit previous reservation)

Lunch at the Parador de Limpias (942 628 900, traditional cuisine), in Los Robles (Limpias), at Casa Sarabia (Tel. 942622365, Ampuero), La Mies del Cardal (Udaya), La Coventosa (Tel. 942678066, in the village of Asón)

Collado del Asón: birth of the river Asón with the impressive waterfall that forms in its jump to the void

Return by Arredondo (“the capital of the world”) and dinner in the Traina (Argoños, seafood and fish).

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