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And live an unforgettable vacation in Casona Las Cinco Calderas

Our area is a coastal area and as we will see below you will not miss places to enjoy the Cantabrian coast in some of the best beaches in Cantabria and all the North a few minutes from our hotel. This is therefore one of the strongest tourist attractions we have around Las Cinco Calderas. We will see beaches in a radius of less than 1 hour away, which are already many, but if you want to go a little further there are many more



galizano las mejores playas de cantabria

At 6 minutes

It is the beach of our town and therefore the closest one, only 2 kilometers from our hotel. Between cliffs, located in the estuary of the Ria de la Canal and a small river, it has a length of 150 meters, with fine golden sand.

It is a small, quiet beach with a beautiful viewpoint and is perfectly accessible by car. A good option for a walk and a bath in the hottest months of the year in the vicinity of Las Cinco Calderas.


las mejores playas de cantabria somo

At 8 minutes

A must see, this spectacular beach with fine golden sand is 2000 meters long. Next to the beaches of El Puntal and Loredo they form a sandbank of about 4 km. of length. This is a beach that is open sea and is one of the most famous beaches in Cantabria and one of the best beaches in Spain and even Europe for surfing.


las mejores playas de cantabria loredo

10 minutes

With 1200 meters of length this beach forms the eastern end of the sand tongue that begins in El Puntal, beach that we will see below. In the middle, the other beach that forms the language is the one of Somo of which we have spoken previously. Therefore it has similar characteristics. It is ideal to walk along the wooden walkway over the dunes, to practice surfing, to enjoy nature, the views from the lookout and the sunset.


el puntal las mejores playas de cantabria

10 minutes

Nestled in a dune area, this wonderful natural beach is located in the middle of the Bay of Santander. It can be accessed from Somo by a small boardwalk that crosses an area of dunes and vegetation or by boat from the Bay of Santander, although from the hotel the fastest is to walk from Somo. Its 4500 meters in length make it perfect to walk around and enjoy one of the best and spectacular beaches in all of Cantabria. This beach has a part besides where it is allowed to access with pets.


langre las mejores playas de cantabria

At 8 minutes

There are many who choose this beach as the most beautiful of Cantabria. This is because its 1200 meters in length are surrounded by beautiful and spectacular vertical cliffs that protect it from the wind and the high ecological value of the environment. It is accessed via stairs and is one of the busiest beaches in the area and is one of the favorite beaches of surfers.


las mejores playas de cantabria el sardinero

At 38 minutes

This urban beach, one of the best known in Cantabria, is the beach of Santander, in the center of the city. Of fine golden sand, it is completely accessible to be in the middle of the city and has all the facilities necessary to enjoy a beach day. The beautiful promenade in which you can enjoy to one side of the city and the other of the sea and the beach, stop to eat in one of the numerous restaurants of the area, to see the Palace of the Magdalena. It is divided into La Playa Primera del Sardinero and La Playa Segunda del Sardinero.


matalañas las mejores playas de cantabria

At 39 minutes

Continuing along the Paseo del Sardinero you can reach this beautiful beach, the last of Santander, already away from the big city and near the Cabo Mayor lighthouse. It is ideal if you are looking for something quieter and charm. In the Park of Mataleñas, it has beautiful views and a natural environment of great beauty. Its only drawback is that to access it you have to go down an important number of stairs which make it difficult to access for people with reduced mobility or families with very young children.


playas isla cantabria

15 minutes

Isla is one of the most touristic areas of Cantabria. Here we can find up to 6 beaches, from coves to beaches of greater extension. As in the rest of the beaches near our hotel that we have seen, it emphasizes the fine golden sand and the nature and greenery that surrounds also the beaches of Isla. You can see them all here.


noja las mejores playas de cantabria

20 minutes

The beautiful Ris beach, one of the most touristy in the area, with blue flag and 2000 meters in length, is probably the best equipped in the municipality of  Noja. On tidal waves you can reach the nearby island of San Pedruco on foot. No less beautiful is the immense Trengandín Beach, with 4 km. of length and also blue flag. The set of marshes where this beach is makes it the most important peninsular wetland of the north and one of the most popular migratory bird routes in Europe.


loredo las mejores playas de cantabria

30 minutes

In this town there are also several beaches to choose from: Playa de Aila and El Regatón, two more intimate and small beaches or Playa La Salvé, with 4250 meters in length. In total neither more nor less than 8400 meters of beaches among all the municipality of Laredo. Here you can see some of them

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